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New Wine Church - Excel in 2015

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There is something for everyone at New Wine in 2015, including Sunday Services at 9am and 11am every weekend. In May, join in to be part of the excitement and fun during 'Family Convention' - every member of the family is covered including teachings devoted to the family, and variety of activities on Friday.


In June, join in for 'Deeper and Higher' - 30 days of Fasting and Prayer, including 'Touch Heaven Seven Times' from the 24th to the 30th of June. 'The Day of Reckoning', a 7-hour prayer meeting exclusively for men holds on Saturday, the 13th of June. 


Be on the lookout for 'Maximise Life Convention 2015' in July with notable speakers and artistes. Also, there are special events for men in February, August and November; for women in March, May, November; for the young people in April and July and for the children in July, October and November. 


There are events for singles in May, June and October and for the married throughout the year. 


Look out for more regular updates on these and more on the website, and our social media channels - twitter and facebook.