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Cedars Club 





Cedars 03


Team mission:

We live for him who died for us 2 Corinthians 5:15


Team objectives:

We support and participate in every event in the church. Such as soul winning, mission trips, cell group etc. Our belief is that God wants us to stay current; on the cutting edge for Him to impact the next generation as all it takes is one generation from us to turn the tide of change.


Elaine Mattos Word of Thought: 

When patience and wisdom is coupled together you will achieve your objectives. Daniel in the Bible lived through the reign of four kings and he was current throughout. His age did not stop him, he transcended possibly three to four generations. Even today, his story continues to touch lives - it should be the theme of our lives to do likewise.


Everyday Life:

Elaine does not believe in retiring, but in re-adjusting to doing service for God. She is married to Stennett. In their 45 years of marriage, they have five children and eight grandchildren. Elaine spends her time nurturing children, this has become her joy. She and her husband are foster carers for the London Borough of Sutton. They have been fostering since 1992, they also mentor new carers. Elaine’s motto – God gives us the seed to sow to reap a harvest. We give our willingness to put the seed in the ground. She is a young lady of 64 and proud of her age, but most of all grateful to God for giving her good genes. She is a motivator always encouraging young and old to “Go Forward, Keep Moving & Prepare to start afresh”



Elaine is a family person; she enjoys having her kids and grandkids round for Sunday dinner. She likes family gatherings three or four times a year so that cousins, aunts and uncles get to know one another. A good holiday is a must for her, going to the gym, doing crosswords and puzzles, but her greatest joy is surfing the Bible. What lights up her life is to watch the opening of a flower or something that nature wants her to see, even if it means she is the only one who can see it. One of her favourite phrases is: “Bloom where you are planted by the Lord”