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External Affairs





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Team mission:

Our mission is to engage the world outside the church; and make New Wine a positive influence for change in our local community where we are sited, the borough we belong in, the city of London and our nation. We have a mandate to be a strong voice in influencing decisions as it pertains to governance in the city and setting the tone for strong community values.

Team objectives:

We work to

• Ensure that our community benefits from the love of God as demonstrated in the works of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 
• Support the weak and vulnerable in our society by making them feel valued and put smile on their faces



Everyone has God’s unique gift that makes us best at something. Our assignment is to find that discipline, be content with it and stay in it. For each of us, it is a place of numerous positives - affirmation, strength, victory, celebration, reward e.t.c. I am attracted to people who are thoughtful and caring, open and intellectually stimulating and combine wit with humour. I mean people who have depth but very simple.

David Says:

For others - be compassionate but realistic. Look for the good in all, allow for the failings. Don't worry about what people think about you, think about what's worrying them.

For yourself - build on your strengths, work on your weaknesses. Reinvent yourself every so often, don't fear change, embrace it; it keeps you alert and alive. You already have all you need to succeed, so as for any problem there is a solution, the key to success is the same, it's just a matter of finding it.


Everyday Life:

Career Role - Lecturer in Business, Management and Human Resource Management. Tutor, Invigilator. Active in Career Builders as Deputy Leader. Hobbies include golf, walking, country side and DIY.


Book Recommendation to other Leaders:

The One Minute Manager - by Blanchard & Johnson


TV - documentaries, knowledge quizzes, current affairs and sports.

Theatre - Shakespeare
Cinema - Action thrillers.


Interests outside church, work and family:

Family, interior design, music, travel, dinning out.