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Facility Management





Kola JebutuCloseup


Team mission:

Our objective is to carry out our activities in the most spiritual manner possible leveraging streams of knowledge in providing excellence..



Team objectives:

• Assist in the reviewing and updating of the church on the state of its facility and assets.

• Build a strong and united team of members to serve as ‘gatekeepers’ in God’s House.

• Ensure all the facilities at Gateway House are in excellent working order and made available when required. 

• Ensure people are comfortable and safe while they are in Gateway House. 

• To provide adequate security within the buildings and in the immediate surroundings. 

• Ensure all who come in are aware of, and abide by, good health and safety habits and procedures. 

• To be prepared to deal with any incident or emergency with minimum disruption.

• Intervening in issues relating to the church’s security arrangement when necessary.

• Health and safety: Some members of the team have been trained on health and safety and evacuation matters.

• Crowd Control and mass movement guidance during small and large programmes, at times with a special guest.

• The team facilitates crowd control and back-up safety measures.

• Support church members by educating them on safety matters, proper use of public provisioned road access e.g. Zebra Crossing.

• Organise fire drills and keep the church informed on fire drills etc.

• Assist the church in providing security to visiting guests when needed.

• Execute control measures around delicate access points within the church.




Men’s gifting are polished through the giving of service, so give a 100%. “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men”.

Kola Jebutu says : “ You are what you think, what you think is who you are”. There isn’t a person anywhere who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can.




Do all you can do whilst it is called today as tomorrow will benefit from today’s accomplishments. Success comes when preparation meets opportunity.


Everyday Life:

I studied and trained as an electrical engineer, but my passion is to help people live a healthier lifestyle through their diet. To this effect I run health and nutrition companies in 3 countries.  I have been happily married to my wife Vanetta for 10 years and we have the "best daughter" in the world called Jemima. All 3 of us love playing and competing on Ipad games together. We also love holidaying to exotic locations experiencing different cultures and their foods.



I like game shows on telly such as 'The Cube', 'Family Fortunes' and 'Fort Boyard'. I also enjoy going to the stadium to watch football, visiting the zoo and watching romcoms at the movies. I love listening to old school Soul music. 



Book recommendation to other leaders:

The Master Key System –  Charles F. Haneel. 
Too Busy Not To Pray  – Bill Hybels. 


Interests outside church, work and family:

I fly around the world to play golf at a good standard.