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Follow Up 





Follow-Up 03


Team mission:

• Assist new believers to gain better understanding of Christian faith and increase their maturity in Christ.

• Promote numerical growth of NWC.


Team objectives:

• Follow up new believers, as they settle in and understand the Christian faith.

• Coordinate the process of joining the membership of NWC.


Dele Popoola says: 

• Hello to you.

• Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked in his shoes; even when you have walked in his shoes, remember you can get out of his shoes.


Everyday Life

Apart from being a civil servant, Dele’s other times are spent with his wife and three boys as well as overseeing New Life Programme (designed for new believers). 



Dele enjoys football and watching wildlife documentaries.


Book recommendation to other leaders:

I believe in the Church – David Watson.


Interests outside church, work and family:

Dele enjoys football.