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Girlfriends 03


Team mission:

Equipping women to locate and release their timeless value, by bringing them to a place of excellence in life and ministry through the revelation of God's purpose.


Team objectives:

We organise events that are practical and relevant to the needs of women i.e. medical meetings, seminars, talks and retreats.

We provide a biblical counselling service and support/guidance to women in making real-life decisions i.e. family career, marriage, practical parenting, ministry etc.

We provide practical befriending services.


Dari Olarinmoye says:

Every day, we walk through the valley of decision. The quality of the decisions you make today will determine the outcome of your life tomorrow.


Everyday Life:

I am an Occupational Health Advisor by profession, married with 2 beautiful girls and enjoy going to the gym regularly and I love cleaning to a fault!



I enjoy watching the 5 o'clock news. I enjoy reading, so most of my remaining time especially in the evenings I use as my ‘me’ time reading... my best author is Joyce Meyer and I read a lot of her material. I listen to Evie (a 1970s gospel artist) in my car CD and sometimes at home. Most of the modern music has lyrics I can't follow! My favorite films are 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' and Pink Panther 1.


Book recommendation to other leaders:

Hearing from God by Joyce Meyer 


Interests outside church, work and family: