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John Wilson Pantry








Team mission:

To assist and support the marginalised and deprived in our Community through provision of food through our Dry food Bank Initiative. To show love and offer hope to the socially deprived in the Society. Prevention of poverty by rehabilitating/integrating service users back into the community.


Team objectives: 

• Holds regular fortnightly 'Breakfast Saturdays' and service full English breakfast to our service users. 

• Manages the dry food/good pantry and give to those in need. 

• Aim to improve self-esteem and self-worth by showing the love of God in our involvement with disadvantaged groups or individuals.

• To support users by networking with other agencies in the borough to learn basic skills or volunteering. 


Lanre says:

I believe anything  you can imagine, you definitely can achieve it.


Everyday Life:



I am a F1 fan. I like watching documentaries and I love jazz especially Earl Klugh, Kenny G and David Salborn.



Book recommendation for other leaders:

Faith Study Guide by Kenneth Hagin


Interests outside church, work and family:

I love to support people, I socialise a lot and I am a member of The Inner Circle and League of Friends.