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Marriage Enrichment Ministry (MEM)






MEM 04


Team mission:

MEM exists to help develop strong marriages.

Team objectives:

The ministry objectives are delivered through four main areas:

• Marriage Preparation Programme - run for couples considering marriage.
• Marriage Enrichment Programme and Events - run for married couples looking to learn and develop, have fun, increase intimacy, and strengthen their relationships. 
• Marriage Counselling - provided to assist couples in their relationships, including premarital counselling prior to making a firm commitment to a partner. 
• Administering wedding ceremonies, whether registered civil weddings or church blessing ceremonies, which include renewal of vows.


I learnt early on from elders that when a dying man cries it is not because of where he is going, which he knows nothing about (except he knows the Lord), but because of regrets about things he could have done in the world he is leaving behind. We must go all-out to use time productively, making each day count towards achieving life goals.


Everyday Life:

I am very happily married to a wonderful queen, who I am extremely grateful to God for. I work as management consultant and enjoy learning about and investing in real estate and entrepreneur led businesses.


I enjoy chilling out with my wife who loves travelling to lots of different places, dragging me along in the process. I like watching wild life programmes and a bit of sport, particularly motor racing. I enjoy playing the sax, although I haven’t touched it in ages!

Book recommendation for other leaders:

Winning by Jack Welch and Hardness of Heart by Andrew Wommack

Interests outside church, work and family:

I mentor a number of willing disadvantaged people, helping them to turn their situations around.