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Team mission:

• Break the barrier of space (location) and time (duration)

• Amplify the word of God by increase his audience and

• Preserve the Power of the word through media.


Team objectives:

• Making the Word of God available on every media possible. 

• Developing people who will use the power of media positively, enhancing the spiritual, personal development and socio-economic status of our audience


David Adabale says: 

“For the man who says he can and the man who says he can’t, both of them are right”


Everyday Life

David is the Head of Media at New Wine. Spends most of his time on innovative ways of enhancing New Wine’s media outreach, as well as managing the media team and various media projects/productions both within and outside New Wine Church including the television and radio broadcast, website, DVD Production, Lighting, TV Commercials, maintenance of media equipment in our facility, media on the web etc.



David enjoys watching comedies and listening to motivational tapes/CDs. He loves to spend a weekday with Jane (his wife) at Bluewater (shopping centre), watching a daytime movie and browsing through books at Waterstones. Also loves watching Disney animations with his wonderful daughters (Sophia and Naomi).


Book recommendation to other leaders:

Passion to Win – Sumner Redstone