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New Wine Academy 





NWA 03


Team mission:

At New Wine Academy we aim to provide a life-changing experience for all through various structured discipleship training programmes delivered at diverse levels of leadership and spiritual maturity.


Team objectives: 

By teaching the traditional values of Christian discipline, godly living and sound stewardship while focusing on the growth and maturity of the believer, our main objective is to train men and women to be maximally effective in life and ministry and live victorious lives as children of God.  We engage sound and committed teachers to deliver a five-lesson Membership Programme for aspiring workers in the church, and the ten-lesson Believers’ College, a discipleship programme which is a pathway to leadership roles in the core of New Wine Church.


Everyday Life:

I am a project management consultant by profession and so I plan everything... right down to grocery shopping trips!  However I try to leave some room for spontaneity.  I've got an awesome family that I love dearly and a network of friends that God Himself must have picked for me 'cos they rock!



A visit to the spa is always a winner in unwinding.  I also enjoy creative writing, I'm currently writing a future bestseller that so far is bigger than my PhD thesis!  (Watch the space).  When my pen is down I enjoy a good night out to the theatre (my favourite shows so far being Fela! the musical, Lion King and Les Miserables) or sampling the gastronomic wonders of London's restaurants.  Staying in is also a favourite of mine, with TV shows like The X factor and American Idol.  My favourite book and movie of all time is Pride and Prejudice... absolutely fantastic!  I've watched the BBC reruns with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle uncountable times, even bought the DVD box set!


Book recommendation for other leaders:

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.  
Or let your hair down and try Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  Riveting story


Interests outside church, work and family:

3 or 4 times a week, you'll find me in the gym working out with my personal trainer.  I am also an avid collector of... wait for it...