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Word In Motion






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Team mission:

Spread the good news through dance, drama, music, poetry & all forms of performing arts - based on the ‘John 12:32 mandate’: If I be lifted up on the earth I will draw men to me. Word in Motion's job is to lift & magnify the name of Christ in as spectacular a way as possible.


Team objectives:

Through live and pre-recorded material, with a big focus on energy, creativity and enthusiasm we perform in universities, schools, street outreach, festivals, concerts, theatres and church buildings. We consider it a privilege to be able to not only reach non-Christians who might not otherwise hear the Good News, but to also encourage Christians in their daily walk.


Dr Ivor Kwame says:

Never accept that in any negative situation, it is impossible to change, without trying to improve it yourself; but in all things remember – the most complete influence you can ever have is over yourself, your outlook and your attitude to any given situation. Once that changes, the battle is almost won.


Everyday Life:

I have a real passion for people. I dislike seeing people hurt and this is reflected in my work and professional career. I'm married and have two amazing sons.   



I enjoy varied films and creative theatre productions. I also enjoy gospel DJing and gospel music in general, as well as basketball.


Interests outside church, work and family:

Gospel DJ and keen basketball player