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Youth Ministry





Youth 03


Team mission:

• Highlight the value of scripture and prayer. 

• Highlight the value of education (both formal and non-formal).

• Highlight the value of healthy interpersonal relationships. 

• Highlight the value of introspection.

Team objectives:

To facilitate the transition from adolescence to adulthood, with a view to producing responsible young adults to themselves, their family, their church, and the society at large.

Kola Taiwo says: 

To change your life, change your mind.


Everyday Life

Kola has three goals that he lives up to every day. They are to improve upon his previous personal best, help others and create wealth. He aims help others and build businesses that aim to help individuals and businesses. Kola loves adores a challenging and "future-minded" book. He enjoys eating out too.   


Interests outside church, work and family:

Kola is a member of Toastmasters International, a speaker’s forum that allows him to network while improving his public speaking and leadership skills.