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Broadcast Praise Report 



Dr Tayo, I want to thank you for your wonderful message. I was so touched. I wished you would preach for the whole night. It was entitled 'Single, Sound & Intentional'. I was watching it on Inspiration tv dated May 17,2013.

Jonathan M.

Blantyre, Malawi


I’m very interested in your daily messages aired by our local radio station radio light here in Papua New Guinea, as a follower of this programme I would like to purchase some of your CDs/Books which are of help to me, that can guide me.

Pedro M.L.

Papua New Guinea


I was watching your sermon on inspiration TV and i was blessed by it. Kindly send me the above which I’m sure will help me in raising my children. Thank you so much and be richly blessed in your much needed ministry.

Nick M.

Nairobi Kenya



Greetings in the Name of Jesus, I sent you a mail requesting you to send me the full series of the teaching you shared on the above topic. I enjoyed your teaching so much and would be grateful if you send me a CD, DVD or a copy of the book.

Cornelious M.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


I always tune into radio light every evening to listen to your program. This program has blessed me so much.

Wilma P.

Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea



Thank you for your teaching on the series "Celebrating your Strength". I have felt like a non-achiever for so long because I knew I could have been anything I wanted to be in terms of profession. 

...By the time I was writing my 1st Leaving School Certificate exam I was a frustrated and an homeless teenager with so many troubles and with parents whose marriage had broken down.


...Since watching and listening to your teachings I've been so encouraged and blessed too. Now I'm trying to identify my strength and doing all the things you told us but most of all I don't feel like a failure anymore, an under achiever....and I am praying for God to show me my purpose for being created apart from being a wife and mother.


Once again thank you sir for your teachings and inspiration, God shall continually give you the Unction to function in your office as a Priest,Teacher and Motivator.

Oluwafemi O.