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New Wine Covenant Partners FAQ


Who are New Wine Covenant Partners?
They are people who have committed to directly support (essentially the outreach ministry) of New Wine through their prayers and financial contributions.

What do they do?

They support all the New Wine's missions endeavours including:

• Missionary work and mission support programmes in nations like Gambia, India, Lithuania, Nigeria, Tanzania... (just to mention a few).
• New Wine's dynamic Television and Radio outreach ministry throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and Australasia.
• Church planting initiatives around the world.
• Support of front-line mission organisations.

How does the partnership work?
Our Part:
• We will pray constantly for God's blessings and favour to be upon you.
• We will faithfully bring you God's word to help you walk in victory in every area of your life.
• We will minister to you through our regular Partners' communiqué.
• We will periodically offer special gifts for your spiritual edification.
• We will furnish you with an official New Wine Covenant Partner Kit.


Your Part:
• Pray for us always.
• Support our ministry endeavours around the world with your faith and practical assistance.
• Support us financially with your regular monthly commitment.


Benefits to You:
• The anointing that God has placed upon this ministry becomes available to you in every area of your life according to Matthew 10:41.
• You share in the reward of our labour according to 1 Samuel 30:24.


What do I get for signing up?
You get a welcome pack which includes:
• A Covenant Partners executive folder
• A Covenant Partners certificate
• A New Wine Covenant Partner pen
• A special gift from Pastor Michael

How much do I have to give?
It is up to you, whatever God lays on your heart.