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Lepers Colony Report


PastorTayo ShalomPlaque

Dr Tayo at the Opening of Shalom Nagar in 2007


-  Founded in 2007, there are now 55 apartments in the colony.

-  Leprosy is a progressive infectious bacterial disease.

-  Yet, despite being treatable, people infected with leprosy are often neglected and untreated, and eventually rendered limbless.

-  As it is a contagious disease, lepers are ostracised. They live on the outskirts of the city deprived of mainstream human interaction.



Prior to being moved into the colony, the lepers were homeless, living rough on the streets.

Even on the streets, the pavements were over subscribed. Now living in the colony, they are all

given their own homes, their own living space and a sense of freedom and worth. 


Now while the colony is a project that is entirely New Wine's, the support of Dr John Solomon

of Miracle Ministry there in Tamil Nadu has contributed to its success. 


New Wine provides the lepers with absolutely everything they need, including food rations, a medical clinic and a full time nurse (who herself is one of the lepers), a chapel with a full-time Pastor, housing, water, electricity, land for agriculture and other amenities. This is excellent as it means they don't have to travel outside the colony except when absolutely necessary. For lepers who have lost limbs, this is crucial for them.



Shalom Nagar was voted one of the best leper colonies in Tamil Nadu which is a real credit and testament to what God is doing there.



It is a common knowledge that there is a high suicide rate in leper communities, with many choosing to end their lives rather than live with the stigma and isolation their condition imposes on them. However, the suicide rate at Shalom Nagar is virtually nonexistence because  the amenities and care for the residents give them a sense of worth and hope.



New Wine has laid tremendous foundations to change the mind-set of the lepers and to show them that they are valued individuals whom God loves. In the early days of the colony, lepers would still leave the sanctuary of the colony and go back onto the street to beg despite the fact they were being taken care of. However, as we know, poverty is more than an economic condition, it’s a mind-set. 



Colony Experience
Arriving to the colony and being treated to a glorious entry can only be described as triumphant! As the fireworks went off and a marching band played, children ran to meet us and the residents clapped and cheered.


It was truly beautiful to see! Much unlike life in the UK where we feel entitled for all we have and want, there in the colony were faces of those who were truly grateful for all God had used New Wine to provide them with.



One would expect to be surrounded by sorrow among lepers but instead we were overwhelmed by the spirit of joy! The residents were not victims, they were victors, they weren’t defeated, they were overcomers, victoriously living in the freedom of dignity.




We met the family of Martin, a colony resident and rejoiced as his children told us that they were on their way to completing their education. Who would have thought that children raised in a leper’s colony would be on the path to success? It was awe-inspiring to see them, the next generation of colony residents who would fulfil their dreams that stretched far beyond the colony's walls.




Shalom Nagar was recently renovated, thanks to the generous contribution of members of New Wine Church and New Wine Covenant Partners!




                      New Wine Team with all the residents of Shalom Nagar




Thank you Covenant Partners for your contributions. With your support, we are able to transform the world, one life at a time