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Transformed Lives


man hutMiracle house

This man is a leper in India. He used to live in the hut behind him, but thanks to the work of New Wine International and Covenant Partners, he now lives in one of the Miracle Homes. 



Group picture Shalom Nagar

In India, lepers are still ostracised from society. Having lost homes, jobs and relationships, they have to form their communities and start life all over again. And to earn a living they resort to begging.



men sittingGroup men-women

New Wine International has worked in various leper colonies, transforming their lives and giving them hope to be all they can be despite their challenges.




One of the leper's colonies that New Wine operates in, built a chapel for the lepers to worship. Many of them have been baptised after converting from Hinduism to Christianity



Thank you Covenant Partners for your contributions. With your support, we are able to transform the world, one life at a time