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Sundays at New Wine Church


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pastor michaelSunday 10th November 2013
Pastor Michael Olawore

Title: There's A Reward With Your Name On It

Theme: The Glory of the Latter House







Praise And Worship:

With songs such as Your loving-kindness is better than life, You are good, More and More, We are desperate People and This is the Air I Breathe, the New Wine Worship team led the congregation in a time of thanksgiving to God and preparation in anticipation for the greater things He intends to do.



Sun 10th Nov 10Sun 10th Nov 11



Pastor Michael concluded the series – ‘The Glory of the Latter House’ with the message ‘There Is A Reward With Your Name On It.’


God rewarded Zerubbabel, the governor who oversaw the building of the temple, for completing his assignment as described in Haggai 2:23 –  God called hin 'a signet ring' - a man of authority in Israel. Conversely, God has prepared a reward for each of us, if we can persevere in finishing our assignments.


Contrasting human employers from God, Pastor Michael reminded us that God is a rewarder who rewards us with far more than we deserve. However, in order to qualify for a reward, we must pay attention to these three key points: We must (1) Overcome the barriers of limitation in our minds (2) Be willing to go through the process and lastly (3) Embrace the Spirit of excellence.


Zerrubabbel was not only rewarded by God - In addition to his reward, he also fulfilled prophecy. Our lives could also as a result of our obedience fulfil prophecies, if we fully embrace our God-given assignments.


To view the full transcript of the message “There Is A Reward With Your Name On It”, please click here.


Sun 10th Nov 12Sun 10th Nov 14

Sun 10th Nov 16Sun 10th Nov 17


Other Stories:

The Remembrance Sunday 2 minute silence was observed at 11.00am.


The stories covered on News of the Week included the Gateway House Lighting Service on the 15th of November, Baptismal Service on the 22nd of November, the G-Men Breakfast Summit on the 23rd of November, Worship Experience on the 29th of November, the Christmas Hamper Campaign, and the 20Go Prayer Focus for the week.


We are heading towards the final days of the Christmas Hamper Campaign donations. The funds are coming in gradually, while the number of hampers to be paid for has drastically reduced.



The service ended shortly afterwards.



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