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Sundays at New Wine Church


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pastor michaelSunday 13th October 2013
Pastor Michael Olawore

Title: Activating the Glory

Theme: The Glory of the Latter House







Praise And Worship:

Praise and worshipp this week was a time to reflect on God's goodness and to re-dedicate our lives to him. Our praise time featured songs, such as: More, Yes Lord, My God is Awesome, Jesus Lover of my Soul and Lord, I give you my heart.  



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Pastor Michael continued the series ‘The Glory of the Latter House’ which he started last week.


From Haggai 1:8 and Isaiah 60:1-3, foundation scriptures for the message ‘Activating the Glory’, he began by reminding us that God is committed to revealing His glory in our lives, provided we obey His commands. We are inherently ‘Glory carriers’ according to Psalm 8:5, crowned with glory and honour by God.


From the Hebrew word ‘Kabowd’, we can define glory as the honour, distinction, majesty, the abundance and blessing of God. To experience and activate this glory of God in our lives, we need to live our lives in worship to God in everything particularly through acts of service to God that flow from our hearts – lives of total dedication and commitment to His purpose.


Pastor Michael then read Haggai 2:15-19 and announced that an outpouring of God's glory was coming upon the church. He then thoroughly declared the blessings of God over us.


To read the full transcript of the message ‘Activating the Glory’ – Click here



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Other Stories:

Pastor Michael reminded us of the Power night on Friday, the 18th October; an evening dedicated to managing our finances and a preview to the Financial Empowerment Workshop on Saturday, the 9th of November.


News of the Week featured stories on Church Membership classes starting on the 21st of October, the Word In Motion (Drama) Night on the 25th of October, the Marriage Enrichment Programme on 26th October, the Hallelujah Night on 31st October and Autumn Glory service, coming Sunday with Bishop Francis Wale Oke on 20th October.


Pastor Michael gave an update on the Christmas Hamper campaign indicating the progress we have made towards realising the target of 1500 hampers for our recipients – the low-income families in our community. He then gave members of the congregation a chance to give towards the campaign.




Pastor Michael concluded the service shortly afterwards.



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