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Sundays at New Wine Church


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MULTIMEDIA 03Sunday 1st December 2013
Minister David Adabale

Title: I'm Tuning Into Glory

Theme: I'm Tuning Into Glory







Praise And Worship:

The phenomenal New Wine Worship team led us in an awesome time of praise and worship with the following songs: Oh give thanks, Our God is Good, 10,000 Reasons, Hallelujah and Yahweh.







In preparation for the ‘Seven Days of Glory’ commencing in the evening, Minister David Adabale encouraged the congregation with a message titled “I’m Tuning into Glory”.


He began by reminding us that God desires to unlock His glory in our lives, both corporately and individually. However, to ensure that we enjoy the blessings of God’s glory, we need to tune into His frequency.


Using the analogy of a transmitter – to experience a transmission on a radio or television, one needs the right equipment tuned to the right frequency; Tuning simply means adjusting the frequency of the receiver (radio or television) to that of the transmitter. Conversely, in order to enjoy the glory of God, we need to be tuned to the frequency of Heaven and be in sync with what God is doing.


Minister David defined “glory” as the express manifestation of God’s presence and shared three advantages of tuning into glory: strength to manage change; safety when vulnerable; and confidence to go ahead. To tune in glory, the source must be secure; your connection must be constant, and you must be yielded to God. 


In closing he encouraged us to stay connected to God because when we are continually in tune with God, His intentions are transmitted and everything works out well. 

To read the full message “I am Tuning into Glory”, please click here.






Other Stories:

Communion was shared, being the first Sunday of the month.


News of the Week featured stories on the 7 Days of Glory, the Christmas Hamper Campaign, Workers meeting and Hamper Packing on 21st December, Hamper Distribution on 23rd December, the two Christmas Services and the New Year's Eve Celebrations, the New Wine Christmas Cards now available for purchase and of course the 20GO Prayer Focus for the week. A clip to celebrate Pastor Michael's Birthday rounded up the news.


The Church then offered prayers, sang the 'Happy Birthday' song and presented gifts to our Senior Minister, Michael Olawore.




The service came to a close shortly afterwards.


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