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Sundays at New Wine Church


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Bishop OkeSunday 20th October 2013
Bishop Francis Wale Oke

Title: A New Season

Theme: A New Season







Praise And Worship:

Our worship time included songs such as Happy; I will give you all my worship, You are my passion, I love you Lord and Hallelujah, you have won the victory.







Bishop Francis Wale Oke from the Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Nigeria brought a timely word titled ‘A New Season’.


Taking his foundation text from Acts 9:31, a scripture of hope in the midst of a difficult period in which the church was experiencing severe persecution, Bishop Francis expatiated on the five hallmarks that heralded a new season for the church: rest, edification, walking in the fear of God, the comfort of the Holy Spirit and multiplication.


With various scriptures emphasizing these hallmarks, Bishop declared a new season in New Wine and in the lives of the congregation. He encouraged us not only to believe this, but to also pray about this, expect it and work towards ensuring that this God-given season becomes fully realised in our lives.


To read the full transcript of the message ‘A New Season’ – Click here



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Other Stories:

News of the Week featured reports and updates on Church Membership classes and Hallelujah Night in October; the Financial Empowerment Workshop and the G-Men Business Seminar in November. There was also a reminder on the on-going Christmas Hamper Campaign and the Word in Motion Special drama night on Friday.


Pastor Michael gave a brief update on the Christmas Hamper Campaign indicating the progress we have made in the last couple of days.



The service came to a close shortly after this.



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