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Sundays at New Wine Church


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pastor michaelSunday 3rd November 2013
Pastor Michael Olawore

Title: I Am A Finisher

Theme: The Glory of the Latter House







Praise And Worship:

The Worship team led the congregation in a time of exalting and extoling the Lord with the following songs: Hosanna - You are The God who Saves us, I Need Your Glory, I Will Praise You As Long As I Live and Heart Of Worship.


Sun 3rd Nov. 01

Sun 3rd Nov. 03


Sun 3rd Nov. 02Sun 3rd Nov. 04



Pastor Michael Olawore concluded the series titled ‘The Glory of the Latter House’. Taking the foundation scriptures from Haggai 2:4-9, today's message titled “I am A Finisher” was a call to stir up the innate capabilities within us, in order to accomplish all that God has already placed in us.


Along with other scriptures, we read Ezra 6:14, a portion of the scriptures in which we read about the completion of the temple, a successful conclusion to a protracted delay in carrying out God’s command to build. Pastor Michael encouraged us not to “drop out” on our assignment or “give up” on God, because He knows we can finish the work we started. He pointed out that God is a “finisher” and because we have the nature of God in us, “finishing” is part of God's nature in us and God expects us to “finish” whatever He commissioned into our hands.


Pastor Michael also reminded us that whenever God gives us a dream or assignment, He gives us the resources and empowerment to accomplish them. He therefore encouraged us to come to a place of total commitment to God and our assignments because “only finishers are rewarded”.


Using Nehemiah as a case study, Pastor Michael concluded by telling us five attributes of a “finisher”: A burden and passion for their assignment; selflessness; determination; focus and a refusal to give up.


To view the full transcript of the message “I Am A Finisher ”, please click here.



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Other Stories:

We shared communion today, being the first Sunday of the month.


News of the Week featured stories on Gift Aid, Christmas Hamper Campaign, the Financial Empowerment Workshop (FEW) on the 9th of November, The Gateway House Christmas Lighting Service on the 15th of November, the G-Men Breakfast Summit on the 23rd of November and the 20GO Prayer Focus for the week. Pastor Michael also reminded us of the Worship Experience with the New Wine Music Ministry on the 29th of November.


Pastor Michael gave an update on the Christmas Hamper Campaign indicating the remarkable progress we have made towards realising the target of 1500 hampers for our recipients – the low-income families in our community. He then gave members of the congregation a chance to give towards the campaign.




The service came to a close afterwards.



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