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Sundays at New Wine Church


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MULTIMEDIA 03Sunday 8th December 2013
Minister David Adabale

Title: I'm Going Forward In This Glory

Theme: I'm Going Forward In This Glory







Praise And Worship:

With songs such as Be Glorified, More and More, Our God Is an Awesome God and Break the Chain, the New Wine Worship team led the congregation in a time of exultation and appreciation to God for all His goodness towards us.

Sunday 081213 A Sunday 081213 B





Minister David Adabale encouraged the church with a message he titled “I am Going Forward in This Glory” using Matthew 6:9,10 and Isaiah 40:3-5 as foundation scriptures.

From Matthew 6:9,10 and Isaiah 40:3-5, the foundation scripture of the recently concluded “Seven Days of Glory”, Minister David declared that God's glory has been revealed in our lives and it is imperative that the glory becomes evident and tangible in our lives. Going further, he explained that “mountains”, “hills”, “crooked places” and “rough places” are obstacles, often placed in our way by the devil to limit our speed, in order to stop the glory from being made manifest in our lives.

He went on to say that for the glory of God to become tangible in the physical realm, God needs man's cooperation. This is because God has given dominion to man (as described in Genesis 1:26) and whatever God does, He does through His representative - man. He gave us a few examples, not only from Scriptures but also from our present day, of men and women who acted upon the revelation of God's word despite the various limiting factors. Ultimately, the glory of God was revealed in their lives for the world to see.

Having established this truth, Minister David encouraged us to stand and act on God's words and walk in the direction of the things God has declared concerning us, because when we move, heaven moves on our behalf.

He concluded the message by sharing with us “The Cycle of Cooperation”: Heart (Conviction) – Mouth (Confession) – Hand (Action) - Heart ( Determination).

To read the full message “I am Going Forward in This Glory”, please click here.




Sunday 081213 C Sunday 081213 D 

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The service came to a close shortly afterwards.


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