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pastor michaelSunday 20th January 2013
Pastor Michael Olawore

Theme: I Am Not A Grasshoper



Last week, we continued on our journey of understanding in the 'Strategy for Go Forward' series, in the message, The Power of Attitude, the second strategy for going forward. We drew from the examples in the accounts of Joshua and Caleb the essential attributes for going forward as follows: (i) the ability to see the end from the beginning; (ii) focussing on possibilities rather than on problems; (iii) a positive outlook; and (iv) a tendency to aim high and think big. We understood that Caleb's attitude was rooted in his intimacy with God in that he followed God wholly (Numbers 14:24). Today we advance and examine the third strategy, the Power of Strategy which forms the context for the declaration 'I am not a Grasshopper!'.


The account in Numbers 13 of the spies sent to the Promised Land illustrates the power of identity. The ten spies had, together with Joshua and Caleb, surveyed the Promised Land and brought back a huge cluster of grapes confirming the lush and fertile ground God had described to them but reported that the cities of the land were fortified and was inhabited by the giant tribe of the Anakites and described themselves in verse 33 as being 'like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight' concluding 'we are not able to go up against the people for they are stronger than we'. It was only Joshua and Caleb whom, having seen the same giants exhorted the people 'Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it'.

Ten of the twelve spies, because of what they saw, assumed an identity that was different to that which they had been given by God; they had what can ony been described as a 'grasshopper mentality' and as a result of this, they never entered the land that God had promised. The conclusion that they reached were a direct result of the perception that they had of themselves. Twelve had been sent and ten of them came back seeing themselves as grasshoppers, whereas Joshua and Calebe were convinced than ever of the Promise. What was the difference? Perception; grasshoppers never possess the promise. 


Understanding who you are is of paramout importance as you seek to stategise to Go Forward. The person whom you think you are when things are going smoothly and life is sunny is one thing; the person whom you are is only ever truly revealed in the face of challenges and hardship, when life appears to be one dark night of adversity. Until such seasons of adversity, you don't really have an insight into who you are.


Identity is the state of having unique characteristics which are held by no other person or thing or the individual characteristics by which a person is recognised. It speaks of a person's uniqueness, their individuality and characteristics. It is impossible to transcend beyond your self-image. Perception is how you see yourself and affects how you see others around you. It therefore becomes the factor which determines your success and indeed, which limits your success. Ten of the twelve saw themselves as grasshoppers and unable to advance whereas Joshua and Caleb saw themselves as giant killers!




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