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Living In the Flow of Favour

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Multiply - 2016







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Multiply - Maximise Life 2016 Convention with the theme, "Multiply" encompassed a unique array of innovations that left a deep and lasting impact on the lives of the delegates.


We are born to flourish, blossom and multiply in all spheres of life....From the phenomenal line up of Kingdom generals at Maximise Life 2016 with a profound mission...to inspire, equip and empower you to fulfil your mandate so that you can manifest what God had in mind when He declared...Multiply!, be blessed as to re-live the message from these  sessions.


Sixteen Message Series - Message Titles

• Tell the Devil I've Changed My Mind

• The Laws of the Kingdom for Multiplying Your Money

• The Supernatural Power of Multiplication

The Blessing of Abraham - The Blessing of Multiplication

In the Light of His Grace 1

The Tangible Grace of God 1

In the Light of His Grace 2

The Tangible Grace of God 2

In the Light of His Grace 3

Fight For Your Wells

How To Be The Leader Others Follow

Thirty Reasons for Company Ownership

I am Too Loaded To Fail

The Power of Need

The Gift of God

The Power of the Mercies of God